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stationary hydraulic lift table

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    Stationary lifting cargo lift


    Dustproof mask lift table   stainless steel double acting door
    stationary lifting cargo lift  stationary lifting cargo lift
     Safety fence type lift table workshop lifting cargo lift   warehouse lifting cargo lift  Heavy load lifting cargo lift 

    Stationary Cargo Lift is a kind of lifting equipments designed to transfer goods between different floors of a building. In recent years, with the technology of hydraulic lifting platform continues to mature and improve, such lifting platforms are gradually replacing elevators in low-rise buildings relies on its excellent stability and good economy as ideal cargo lifting equipments. Widely used in multi-storey factories, warehouses, solid garages and other multi-storey buildings for the delivery of goods.
    (1)Engineers do on-site measurements in the first time, providing professional solutions for customers.
    (2)Using high-strength manganese steel Q345B square tube, with solid structure, more safety and reliability.
    (3)High precision cylinders, high quality seals ensure that no oil leakage, smooth movements.
    (4)Electrical interlock protection, machine can lift and down only when all floors doors closed in place.
    (5)Setting with explosion-proof valve with anti-fall protection.
    (6)Overload protection on the hydraulic system, more safety.
    (7)Set with emergency lowering device under power-off state to guarantee the safety for emergency.
    (8)Hydraulic hoses with double steel wire reinforcing rubber tube, with anti-fracture function
    (9)Multi-point controls set between different floors, easy for operating.
    (10)Various optional configurations are available, meeting all requirements.

    Model Capacity
    Max Height
    Min Height
    H2 (mm)
    H3 (mm)
    Platform Size
    L×W (mm)
    Lifting Time
    Motor Power
    Power Source
    SJG0.3-1.2 300 1600 400 1200 1500*1200 40 1.1 AC380
    SJG0.5-3 500 3635 635 3000 2000*1000 50 1.3 AC380
    SJG1-4 1000 4610 610 4000 2000*1500 70 2.2 AC380
    SJG1-8 1000 9220 1220 8000 2200*1500 95 3 AC380
    SJG2-4.5 2000 5350 850 4500 2000*2300 75 3 AC380
    SJG2-8.75 2000 9980 1230 8750 2500*2000 110 4 AC380
    SJG3-5 3000 5800 800 5000 2000*1500 80 4 AC380
    SJG5-1.4 5000 1875 475 1400 2500*2300 32 4 AC380
    SJG10-6 10000 7336 1336 6000 3200*1500 110 5.5 AC380

     Remark:The models above are only for reference,products could be manufactured according to you detailed requirements

Suzhou Zuosheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
ADD: 186th Ziwei Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, China
TEL: 0512-65806972
MOB: 13814812955
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